The Penerwicks

By: Jeanne Birdsall

The penderwicks are a very mixed up family that is moveing away from each other fore a couple months. Most af them are going to have a hard time without each other, but I think they will make it.They are changing everything around so that mostly everybody will get what they want. Some af the charectors can get a little crazy, but they have there sibillings to help them out.

Charectors: Jane, Rosemary, Baty, Sky,Jeffery and Aunt Clara

Summary: The Pendrwicks are a big family that has to be a part for a little while. One group of kids that are going to point mouette. They are Batty, Jane, Sky Jeffery and there Aut Clare. In the penderwicks family there is always a ODP. Since there is six kids in there family the reason for an ODP is so that everybody is in controle and together. The oldest kid in the family is always the ODP but the oldest kid, Rosemary is with her freind in New Jersey so Sky has to be the ODP. everything turns out fine but it is a crazy trip.